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Download 2-Recognizability by prime graph of PSL (2, p 2) by Khosravi A., Khosravi B. PDF

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By Khosravi A., Khosravi B.

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However, in our singleton class, we have added an attribute number_of_instances, which keeps track of the number of class instances that already exist. Upon creation of the first object, the factory method increments this static attribute to 1. On the second object creation attempt, the IF statement does not allow the CREATE OBJECT statement to be called a second time. The result is that the second object is not created. No further attempts of object creation will be allowed. Rather, a message saying that only one object instantiation is allowed is outputted for the second object creation attempt.

The value of the field is then outputted. Once all required fields have been processed, the do loop is exited. Within the do loop, the positions table filled earlier is read in order to get the correct position where a particular cell is to be positioned. The positions table along with the uline statements lets you give the box shape to the output. htm Applying dynamic Open SQL The Open SQL statement components may be specified statically or dynamically. This applies to database read statement SELECT, as well as data manipulation statements such as INSERT and UPDATE.

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