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Download A 1 psi 1 Summation Theorem for Macdonald Polynomials by Kaneko J. PDF

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By Kaneko J.

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All the Nord 2X's control knobs and switches for program editing transmit and receive MIDI Control Change messages. Other MIDI goodies include synchronisation of the LFOs, and remote triggering of the filter and amplifier envelopes or velocity control from separate MIDI channels for some fascinating sequencing possibilities. So, What's New? Basically, the Nord 2X offers more patch storage, increased polyphony and better D-A converters. The Nord Lead 2 had a respectable 16 notes of polyphony — four times the amount of the original Nord Lead.

The ability to increase or decrease the depth of natural vibrato is particularly impressive, and where legato notes change pitch, you can vary the pitch of single notes within the phrase while retaining a natural pitch scoop between them. Comparisons will obviously be made between Melodyne and Auto-Tune, but they are really very different programs with quite different intended applications. You can use pitch quantisation with Melodyne to achieve Auto-Tune-like results or you can nudge errant notes into place manually, but unless you actually need to go into a file at a very surgical level, I'd suggest that Auto-Tune is a far more appropriate and convenient tool for that job.

LFO2 also controls the rate for the simple (but effective) arpeggiator. A MIDI Echo function is present, and can be set between one and eight repeats (as this generates new MIDI notes, it can eat into polyphony if used gratuitously). A modulation envelope (attack, decay) for Osc 2 pitch, FM amount and pulse width is included too. Each knob may be programmed for velocity control or may be 'morphed' by the modulation wheel (or pedal) to continuously fade between two sets of values. Some of the Nord's most complex sounds are created this way, the knobs controlling multiple value changes simultaneously.

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