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By Elizabeth Moss

Lord Trajan Randall is a rake and a whipster who holds ladies in contempt. The weaker intercourse can be all rather well within the bed room or the nursery, yet past that Trajan has little need nor appreciate for them. that is why girl Caroline makes a decision to coach him a lesson. A lesson the dashingly good-looking Lord Randall won't ever forget.The Viscount doesn't think within the "Petticoat Club", a mythical gang of girls who take their revenge on rakes and noblemen like him. yet all that's approximately to change.-- street theft, abduction and wanton behaviour abound during this brief horny Regency novella from Elizabeth Moss. This novel is written in commonplace united kingdom English, no longer American English.This is a sequel to 'Poppeia and the Petticoat membership' by way of Elizabeth Moss.

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She sighed and moved her hand and body to the rhythm of his jerking hips. Between her thighs the soft flesh grew hot and damp, aching and swelling almost like his own. She rode his lap as though riding a horse, gripping his manhood in one fist, her eyes closed, head thrown back. His chair creaked in the dim glimmer of moonlight, the chair legs scraping repeatedly against the wooden boards. Soon a high-pitched keening sound seemed to be dragged out of her throat direct from her belly, issuing forth like strange birdsong on the stillness of the night.

She nodded her comprehension and tightened her grip on the pistol as her trusted servant disappeared. It took all her concentration to cock the weapon, biting her lip at the loud clicking noise. There was sweat on her palms despite the chill of the night, and her hands were shaking. She might yet pull the trigger by accident and blow a hole in his chest! As she tiptoed to snuff out the candles between finger and thumb, Lord Randall stared hard at her, his face barely visible in the darkness. Turning through the drifting smoke, she laid a finger to her lips, meeting his gaze with silent meaning.

He glanced cautiously about himself in the darkness. It was a common enough trick, to send a woman out in front of the horses to stop a passing coach, after which the rest of the gang would descend, to rob the unwary inhabitants of their possessions. But the road seemed quiet in both directions; there was no one else in sight. A groan issued from the woman’s lips. Trajan frowned, looping the reins around the nearest tree branch. He knelt beside the fallen woman. ’ he asked gently. ‘Were you attacked?

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