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By John Middleton

Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin 20 top Bets for scholar Researchers 2002

Based at the scholarship within the acclaimed educational Encyclopedia of Africa, that is aimed toward university and graduate scholars, this paintings provides Africa, from Egypt to Cape city and from prehistoric instances to the current day, in a layout that's inviting to highschool scholars. The 4-vol. set spans many disciplines with its articles on animals, meals, vacations and fairs, tribal teams, ecology, tune and paintings, exchange and the economic system, geography, faith, folklore, and fossil and skeletal discoveries. (20021101)

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Tensions mounted and led to a serious rebellion against Portuguese rule in 1961. This proved to be a turning point in Angola’s history, as increasing numbers of people were drawn into the struggle for independence. By the end of the 1960s several nationalist groups had launched guerrilla* operations against the Portuguese government. Each group also competed for power. An Independent Angola. Portugal yielded Angola its independence on November 11, 1975. However, it did not formally transfer power to any one of the competing nationalist groups.

20 Independence Movements. C. Phoenicians trade with people on Algerian Coast. D. 600 Arabs conquer Algeria. 1500s Ottoman Empire gains control of Algeria. 1847 France takes over Algeria. 1954 Exiled Muslim leaders form resistance organization against French. 1962 Algeria wins independence from France. 1990s Civil wars erupt in Algeria. * nationalize to bring land, industries, or public works under state control or ownership * coup sudden, often violent overthrow of a ruler or government * guerrilla type of warfare involving sudden raids by small groups of warriors demanded that Muslims be granted greater rights.

These rebels joined with the Tanzanian army to defeat Amin’s troops, forcing him to flee the country in April 1979. Amin went into exile in Saudi Arabia. africa_vol1 1/14/03 9:07 AM Page 25 Angola ANCESTORS Angola Angola See Death, Mourning, and Ancestors. T he Republic of Angola is located on the southwestern coast of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. This former colony of Portugal has had a tumultuous history since gaining independence in 1975. Torn by a long, bitter, and destructive civil war, the nation is still trying to find an end to that conflict.

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