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By David E. Shi, George Brown Tindall

The top narrative historical past that scholars like to learn, in a extra concise format.

With greater than million copies bought, America is still the major narrative historical past survey textual content simply because it’s a ebook that scholars take pleasure in analyzing. The 10th variation is either extra correct, providing elevated realization to the tradition of daily life, and extra available, that includes a discounted variety of chapters and a streamlined narrative all through. The short version is 20 percentage shorter in overall pages than its father or mother complete variation.

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After the Aztecs surrendered, a merciless Cortés ordered the leaders hanged and the priests devoured by dogs. In two years Cortés and his disciplined army had conquered a fabled empire that had taken centuries to develop. Cortés set the style for waves of plundering conquistadores to follow. ” In 1531, Francisco Pizarro led a band of soldiers down the Pacific coast from Panama toward Peru, where they brutally subdued the Inca Empire. The Spanish invaders seized the Inca palaces and country estates, took royal women as mistresses and wives, and looted the empire of its gold and silver.

These nomadic, spear-wielding hunters and their descendants, called Paleo-Indians (“old” Indians) by archaeologists, drifted south in pursuit of large game animals. Over the next 500 years, as the climate warmed and the glaciers receded, a steady stream of small groups fanned out across the entire Western Hemisphere, from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America. 6 • THE COLLISION OF CULTURES (CH. 1) Recent archaeological discoveries in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Chile suggest a more complex story of human settlement.

For most of the colonial period, much of what is now the United States belonged to Spain, and Spanish culture etched a lasting imprint upon American ways of life. Spain’s colonial presence lasted more than three centuries, much longer than either England’s or France’s. New Spain was centered in Mexico, but its frontiers extended from the Florida Keys to Alaska and included areas not currently thought of as formerly Spanish, such as the Deep South and the lower Midwest. Hispanic place-names—San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tucson, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Pensacola, and St.

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