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By Joseph E. Bowles

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Governed by an equation of the form where X represents the position of a particle with mass m submitted to a force F , it accounts for processes that are invariants under a change of the arrow of time. A traditional example of linear system is the harmonic oscallator (Fig. 1, left, p. 3) that describes the motion of a mass attached to an ideal spring with a restoring force proportional to the extension F = - k X (Hooke’s law). 1 (left). Here we have mX +kX 25 = 0. Instabilities, Chaos and Turbulence 26 Fig.

Connection (1) is a simple short circuit. Connection (2) is through an active dipole with a voltage-intensity characteristic displaying a range of negative resistance (negativeresistance dipole = nrd, the gray line corresponds to an ordinary ohmic resistor). 2. First Steps in Nonlinear Dynamics 47 For a series circuit we get: u = UA - UG Q i- R Q + L Q . e. UA = UG, is then given by: Q R . 1 + -Q + -Q L LC = 0. This equation governs a damped linear oscillator oc exp( -iwt) with a complex angular frequency w solution to: w2 f i y w - w , 2 = 0 , where the resonance angular frequency wo is given by w i = 1 / L C and the damping factor y by y = R/L.

The limit of a power series. 27) rests on turning L to its diagonal form, or more precisely to its Jordan normal form. 2, for a reminder. 2 Two-dimensional linear systems We first turn to the case of two variables since it contains the essentials of nontrivial aspects of the problem and allows us to introduce the core of the terminology. The extension to dimension d will be alluded to in the next subsection. 29) with initial condition, X j = X j o ) , j = 1 , 2 , at t = 0 as a generalization of the harmonic oscillator studied previously.

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